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Sacred Book of KA

A Holy Text for African Religion

CDK Constitution

The Constitution and By-Laws of the Communal Democracy of Kenya (CDK)

Creative Expression

Different Ways in Which I Express Myself

About Me

I was born in colonial Kenya. With regard to my birth date, my mother said, “When people were talking about the starting of the Second World War.” That, of course, must have been in 1939.

With regard to the actual month and date, she said, “During the harvest of cow peas.” That harvest embraces September and October. That was as much as she could say. I had to use other means to determine the whereabouts of the birth date.

Using the knowledge I have gathered in astrology, and basing the assessment on my natural behaviour, I concluded that I am a Libran. Then, in order to silence too many questions, I decided to author the birth date. I chose 19th October. But I did not choose the date anyhow. I have studied numerology and, according, supported by my temperament, I chose 19, because 1-plus-9 is ten. Continue Reading

Encourage free thinking and promote creative self expression among Africans through literary arts.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.

Man is born free, but forever he is in chains. Africans have to question the status quo to make progress in social, political and economic fronts.

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Creative Expression
African Religion
African Politics
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Maillu’s Words

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Recent Blog Posts and News
  • Blackman’s Challenged Integrity

    By David Maillu Published July 9, 2017 The Blackman forms about one-fifth of the total population of the world. In other words, the Blackman is a minority human species. The black skin and woollen hair are the features that determine the destiny of the Blackman from the rest of the population. By natural law of…

  • Intellectual Salvation

    By David G Maillu In her play The Lion of Egerton Castle, the good lady with a razor-blade sharp intellect and the one who is in focus here, talks about the Whiteman’s sweet tooth for tea taken over watching sunsets in Africa. The Blackman has neither taste for watching sunsets or clouds, whether some of…

  • The Writer as a Cultural Healer

    David G Maillu I have just finished writing a play called “Marriage Handcuffs” as a contribution to the troubled waters of modern marriage. However, writing a play is one thing but having it staged is a different things because of many technical and financial reasons. Misfortune is in the fact that the play might even…

  • Sex is Gate to Life

    By David G Maillu Let me kick off by authoring the proverb: Sex is the gate to life and love is the soup with which life is eaten. In one of African deities there is “god of sex.” call it “angel of sex” or “sex god” deity responsible for sex matters.” If God is the…

  • David G Maillu's Our Kind of Polygamy

    Of Homosexuality, Group Sex and Polygamy

    By David G Maillu One day I had a bizarre encounter with some Americans in San Francisco when they pounced on me asking, “Are you from Africa where you practice polygamy? How many wives have you got?” They were not amused when I told them I had one wife. They confronted me with the strange…

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