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Man from Machakaillu


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Sacred Book of KA

A Holy Text for African Religion

CDK Constitution

The Constitution and By-Laws of the Communal Democracy of Kenya (CDK)

Creative Expression

Different Ways in Which I Express Myself

About Me

I was born in colonial Kenya. With regard to my birth date, my mother said, “When people were talking about the starting of the Second World War.” That, of course, must have been in 1939.

With regard to the actual month and date, she said, “During the harvest of cow peas.” That harvest embraces September and October. That was as much as she could say. I had to use other means to determine the whereabouts of the birth date.

Using the knowledge I have gathered in astrology, and basing the assessment on my natural behaviour, I concluded that I am a Libran. Then, in order to silence too many questions, I decided to author the birth date. I chose 19th October. But I did not choose the date anyhow. I have studied numerology and, according, supported by my temperament, I chose 19, because 1-plus-9 is ten. Continue Reading

Encourage free thinking and promote creative self expression among Africans through literary arts.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.

Man is born free, but forever he is in chains. Africans have to question the status quo to make progress in social, political and economic fronts.

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Creative Expression
African Religion
African Politics
African Literature

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Neterian Worship

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Recent Blog Posts and News
  • Why Modern Civilization Should Recognise Polygamy

    If today North America and western Europe can legalize homosexuality, it’s just a matter of time and they will legalize polygamy and return to the grass root that Africa is the genesis of world cultures. Nonetheless the Mormons out there practice polygamy. Back to the drawing table, most communities in the world do practice polygamy…

  • Seen From the 22nd Century

    So, this is the genesis of how the Union of African States was born. Fate, what is fate? Gravity, what gravity? Universe-black-matter, what is it? Why do some starts explode? Are we going to the conclusion that everything has got its birth, time to grow, time to bear fruit, time for the fruit to ripen,…

  • Who Made Kenya into a Nation?

    There is a saying that a lazy farmer blames his tools. In nearly all African countries there is a claim of monster “eating” people. That monster is called “tribalism.” Former Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi used to cry, “Tribalism is the cancer of African governments.” Is tribalism an epidemic African disease or it is a…

  • ‘Inferiority’ of the Black Race a Myth

    By David Maillu Published December 13, 2017 When a Blackman wins something astronomical many white people would try to link that success to influence of white people on them. For example, white people published theories about why Kenyan Kipchoge Hezekiah Keino had won the Olympic Gold Medal in 1500-metre men’s race in Mexico in 1968 and 3000-metres…

  • World’s Most Educated Politician

    Published December 11, 2017 Did you know that Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the immediate former President of Zimbabwe, is the world’s most educated leader, with seven degrees of which two are Master’s degrees? Mugabe was raised as a Roman Catholic, studying in Marist Brothers and Jesuit schools, including the exclusive Kutama College, headed by an Irish…

  • Comparing Kenyan Novels that are 42 Years Apart

    By David G Maillu Published November 5, 2017 Compare and contrast the following excerpts. The first one is from the first page of Kibera, my latest novel, finished in August 2017. The second is from my mini novel, Troubles, written and published 42 years go. I). Kibera The funeral function of Lukas Kivondo schemed crowds…

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